Elite Motor Escort, Inc. is a professional motorcycle escort service for funeral processions.


Elite Motor Escort, Inc operates out of Seattle WA and serves the Puget Sound Area


Elite Motor Escorts, Inc is insured through an A+ rated carrier.




Washington Funeral Directors Association


One Last Ride


Dave Eady website


Seattle Cossacks

EME Officers perform hundreds of funeral escort services every year, being requested by families and employed by funeral homes from all over the greater Puget Sound Area

Elite Motor Escort, Inc. was formed by Dave Eady.

Elite Motor Escort, Inc. prides itself on its safety record.  We currently have 20 riders, each selected by Dave Eady, for attentive, mature and competent motor escort skills.  Elite Motor Escort riders have an average of 5 years of escort experience; our core team has almost twice that.  Each rider must have completed and Experienced Motorcycle Rider Course.  Most have completed 2 to 4 day advanced motor skills class.  Several are graduates of law enforcement motor training, typically 2 to 3 weeks in length.  Most have completed the Washington DOT flagging/traffic control certification.


Elite Motor Escort, Inc. holds staff meetings regularly.  We review policy, recent deployments, exceptional events and hold peer reviews.  Our policy and procedure manual is available for review.  Each escort has a commander who plans the route with the least amount of impact on traffic, assigns duties, coordinates with the hearse driver and gives radio orders while en route. We hold a debriefing after each escort to discuss the completed escort and any safety issues.


Elite Motor Escort will provide a free escort from the airport to the funeral home for Military personnel killed in action.


Elite Motor Escort  has licensed security officers available

for funerals and private home protection during funerals.